Life Wide English Learning Committee
Core members
Ms. Membrey Sarah
Ms. Leung Yee Man
Ms. Lau Yee Fun
Mr. Lai Hang Kee
Mr. Lee Wai Yeung
Ms. Chu Sau Yee
Mr. Lai Chun Kit
Mr. Sanders Luke
Ms. Mak Shuk Man





- To increase students' exposure to English in different contexts.

- To integrate language learning and content learning.

- To enhance the effectiveness of teaching and learning through English in subjects like humanity subjects and Mathematics, Science, Music, Visual Art or P.E. (in junior forms)

- To ensure that there is an organisational structure in the school which helps to formulate and implement language policy across the curriculum. This enables teachers to contribute and get support in dealing with lanugage in learning issues as well as to work for a common target.

- To boost students' confidence in acquiring new concepts in English and communicating with others in English-related activities.


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