English Project

English Project

Sponsored by QEF

The project aims to produce a package of tailor-made English learning materials for Secondary 1 (S1) students in the form of worksheets, activity sheets, audio tapes, video tapes and reading materials. The package also includes different types of evaluation instruments. Assisted by an advisor and a part-time clerical assistant, a team of three English teachers (Miss Yan, Miss Yuen and Mr. Lai) will work on the project.

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Each teacher will be released from teaching one level of English class in order to focus on the project. Design of the teaching materials commenced in August 1998 and the materials will be produced for phased implementation according to the new syllabus. Pre-lesson activity sheets will be distributed to students for completion at home before a new topic starts. Lessons will be conducted in a technologically advanced environment with the installation of multi-purpose projector, lap-top computer and visualizer for effective teaching and learning. The completed assignments will be evaluated by the respective English teacher during the first ten minutes of each lesson and kept in students' individual log books for assessment over time. The effectiveness of the whole package of materials will be evaluated by periodic classroom observation, checking of learning log books, interviews with students and teachers, distributing questionnaires at interim stages and analysing the test results. Ultimately, students will be able to develop a sense of responsibility and become independent learners.

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