The Belt and Road Initiative to Slovenia and Croatia
2024-01-13 至 20
活動類別:English  ¦  境外學習交流組
It’s freezing in Hong Kong these days! While we are shivering with cold, some of our students do not fear that, because they recently embarked on an awe-inspiring study tour to Slovenia and Croatia, and it was a game-changer! From -4 to 14 degrees Celsius, the temperature rollercoaster couldn't dampen their spirits. They explored the stunning landscapes of Lake Bled, Predjama Castle, and Postojna Cave, immersing themselves in the rich history of Europe guided by the locals. It wasn't just about sightseeing though! They had incredible encounters with the warm-hearted Croatians, engaging in lively conversations about Chinese and Croatian cultures over coffee, exchanging experiences in an elementary school, and even visiting a university campus. These hands-on experiences took their English learning to a whole new level, making it more authentic and exciting. And the best part? It broadened their horizons, making them braver and more confident in speaking English, no matter the challenges they face – even in freezing weather! #StudyTourAdventures #CultureExchange #FreezingButFearless #BroadeningHorizons
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